CNN GOP Town Hall: Three Candidates Tell The Truth About Their Nomination Vows

03.30.16 3 years ago

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Tuesday evening’s CNN Republican Town Hall featured two guys (Ted Cruz and Donald Trump) who cannot stand each other and one (John Kasich), who is the unexpected extra man standing after so many other candidates suspended their own campaigns. Separating the three hopefuls from each other resulted in a less enjoyable display without political fireworks, but the trio still spent a lot of time complaining about their rivals. Over the course of three long hours, most of the town hall was a rehash of what we’ve seen at rallies, debates, and other interviews, but this was a way for candidates to refresh their views ahead of the Wisconsin primary.

As far as an evening “winner” goes, Anderson Cooper scored a pretty big haul by telling Trump he’s like a kindergartener after the frontrunner shrugged and asserted, “He started it” about Cruz. Trump also played dumb about the unflattering picture of Ted’s wife: “I thought it was a nice picture of Heidi.” Earlier in the evening, Cruz did not deny the rumors about his alleged affairs, but he did blame it all on Trump:

“The story, on its face, quoted one person: Roger Stone. Roger Stone has been Donald Trump’s chief political adviser. He planned and ran his presidential campaign and he’s been his hatchet man — he’s spent 40 years as a hatchet man. But not only that, the head of the National Enquirer, a guy named David Pecker, is good friends with Donald Trump.”

None of this was anything we didn’t know already, but again, Cruz glossed over the salaciousness of the story for obvious reasons. The Coop let that slide, but he pounced on Cruz’s desire to “carpet bomb” Syria and “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods. Cruz’s answer was vague at best:

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