CNN Host: Stephen Colbert Took A Page Out Of Trump’s Book With The #FireColbert Controversy

05.06.17 12 months ago 12 Comments

Michael Smerconish doesn’t believe you should ever wrestle a pig because, in the end, you’ll both get dirty. On Saturday, Smerconish said as much on his Saturday morning CNN program, Smerconish, stating the Donald Trump-Vladimir Putin oral sex joke Stephen Colbert made last Monday ‘crossed the line’ and and ‘went too far,’ adding that comments such as Colbert’s only lower the playing field to a place where Republicans want to take the fight.

Smerconish began the segment by referring to the Monday night monologue in which Colbert joked of Trump, “the only thing your mouth is good at is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster” as crass, and all-in-all uncalled for on the CBS platform, Deadline reports:

“That line might be suitable for say, Real Time with Bill Maher, but not network television, the so-called Tiffany network, which used to be the programming gold standard,”

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