CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Sums Up The Trump White House’s Disastrous Past Month In One Epic List

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Within the news realm, event-filled Fridays are to be expected, but the past month has seen a virtually chronic Friday. Each day brings new wrinkles, and the onslaught of bombshell happenings will not stop with the Trump White House. The firing of Chief Strategist Steve Bannon caps off this week (so far), and the past seven days of Nazi/white supremacist developments related to Charlottesville has thrown the U.S. for a loop. Really though, this has been one bonkers month, and CNN’s Brooke Baldwin attempted to read all of the major Trump-related debacles that have gone down. Unsurprisingly, she needed a water break to complete her formidable task.

From all of the staff shuffling, including the hiring and firing of the Mooch, to his public shaming of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, this clip has hit all. That drama arrives alongside Trump’s tweeted transgender military ban, his leaked arguments with world leaders, his defeat regarding Russian sanctions, and all of the threats he’s exchanged with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Of course, this week saw Trump declare that Nazis and white supremacists include some “fine people,” to which Baldwin disagrees: “No they weren’t, they were Nazis.”

What a month it has been, and this weekend might see even more chaos at rallies taking place in multiple U.S. cities. Yes, it’s 2017 in America.

(Via CNN)

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