CNN’s Brianna Keilar Holds Another Trump Advisor To The Fire Over His Appeal To Black Voters

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08.21.16 10 Comments

Brianna Keilar has had an eventful week on CNN’s The Situation Room when it comes to the many twists and turns of Donald Trump’s campaign. Earlier in the week she found herself in the middle of “says who” situation with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in response to poll numbers. The former White House correspondent didn’t have to do too much in order to create the moment, which became the latest gaffe to spread online involving the Trump Campaign. She was also on air during Ben Shapiro’s “Turd Tornado” explanation, leading to another humorous exchange.

Now she’s getting credit for doing it again according to Mediaite. This time the topic was Trump’s recent string of appeals to black voters, particularly in Milwaukee where he spoke to a mostly white crowd in the wake of the unrest in recent weeks. Trump supporter and former Congressman Jack Kingston was opposite this time, attempting to spread the word that Trump was making strides with African American voters, something that Keilar immediately nipped in the bud:

Kingston: Last night in North Carolina, we saw a lot of African-Americans. I wasn’t sure about the crowd content tonight…

Keilar: It was white. We checked.

Kingston: But they’re open to the public, there’s nothing exclusive…

Despite almost neverending coverage, CNN has notably been vocal in calling out the claims of the Trump campaign up to this point. Their chyron operators alone have been brutal in some of their fact-checking. With Keilar, it isn’t even some form of gotcha situation. She just seems to keep falling into it.

(Via Mediaite / CNN)

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