Critics Of That Paris “Butt Plug” Sculpture Have Finally Gotten Their Wish

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10.18.14 4 Comments

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Well people WERE upset with that Paris “butt plug” sculpture. It would seem that a group of critics managed to move in and take the piece down by force. From BBC News:

Police said the sculpture had been attacked overnight.

“An unidentified group of people cut the cables which were holding the artwork, which caused it to collapse,” police said.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the attack was unacceptable, and also denounced the attack on McCarthy.

“Paris will not succumb to the threats of those who, by attacking an artist or a work, are attacking artistic freedom,” she said.

“Art has its place in our streets and nobody will be able to chase it away.”

The FLAC art fair says they will restore the piece as soon as they are able to do so, but for now the Tree/Plug is deflated. I guess if this proves anything, it’s that people are not fans of sex toys. What I wish it said is that the war on Christmas is real and Fox News has been telling us the truth all this time.

(Via BBC News)

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