Trevor Noah Can’t Believe How Hard Russia Is ‘Owning’ Donald Trump With Their Oval Office Visit

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05.12.17 4 Comments

The Daily Show had a lot of fun on Thursday’s show, highlighting the latest out of the firing of James Comey and sharing a hefty laugh over Trump meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in The Oval Office. The situation is funny enough as it stands considering the ongoing investigation into Russian ties, but it is even better when you toss in the Russian photographer that was allowed in to shoot the meeting. The American media was barred, standing outside wondering why they weren’t allowed in, and then people started claiming the Russians likely bugged The Oval Office to add to the bedlam.

The White House claims they didn’t approve letting the Russian photographer into the meeting but who knows the truth at this point. Russia poured some salt in the wound by releasing the photos and none of it helps the Trump administration’s image. Luckily, according to Wired, the lapse in security likely wouldn’t be as devastating as some would think:

“It’s certainly possible that anybody could plant something. In theory, anything’s possible,” says Phil Polstra, a digital forensics professor at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania who studies low-power surveillance devices. “But the reality is it would be pretty hard to do anything…

“I can’t imagine that our country wouldn’t shield the Oval Office. That’s like security 101,” Polstra says. Any material with the right conductivity or magnetism can act as a shield. There’s even electromagnetic shield paint.

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