Trevor Noah Finds The Perfect Metaphor For Trump’s 2nd Amendment Remarks

08.11.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

When it comes to the comments Donald Trump made on Tuesday regarding Hillary Clinton and the 2nd Amendment supporters across the country, many different interpretations followed with the reactions. For most, it was an allusion to assassination due to the details behind the 2nd Amendment and the whole “stopping” Hillary thing. For others, mainly Trump supporters, it was a call to hit the polls and stop Clinton from getting to The White House. And then we had the folks who just couldn’t wrap their head around Trump’s latest comments.

The entire thing allowed Trevor Noah and The Daily Show to point out the similarities between this situation and another internet sensation. That’s right, Trump’s comments are the new “Dress” for people to debate over. Is it a gold dress? Is it a blue dress? Are those laser sight dots? What’s going on?

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