‘Hell No’ Dave Chappelle Isn’t Really Supporting Donald Trump

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The election is upon us and everybody is choosing their sides both publicly and privately, including comedian and future Saturday Night Live host Dave Chappelle. Dave caused a stir last week when he made some disparaging remarks about democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during a stand-up routine, which led many to run with the idea that Dave was supporting Donald Trump.

Eventually, Dave clarified that he ridiculed and criticized Trump just as much as he did Hillary during his set to distance himself from the idea that he was “supporting” Trump. Now, TMZ caught up with Chappelle and he reiterated his stance while encouraging everybody to vote.

“I’m not a Trump supporter,” he said bluntly. “Unequivocally no. Not going to elaborate on it, hell no. Just everybody vote for whoever you want to vote for. But that’s not what I’m doing.”

The comedian wrapped up his comments with “It was from The Observer,” an eye-roll. “Just come see my shows yourself, and not listen to conservative paper reviews.” So there it is, Dave isn’t behind Trump, or anybody really, but he is against The Observer. This should be a lesson to all, even though a lot of truth is said in jest, things said during a comedian’s stand-up routine aren’t always meant to be taken completely serious to the point it becomes headline news.

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