David Duke Had A Giant White Supremacist Meltdown At The Louisiana U.S. Senate Debate

11.02.16 1 year ago 14 Comments

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke had a bloody meltdown during the Louisiana U.S. Senate Debate. This clip starts off with a chip on Duke’s shoulder against moderator John Snell as Duke angrily shouts, “Let me rebut! Let me rebut!” Well, this escalated quickly regardless of context, which we’ll get to in a moment. First, Duke screamed “See you are not a moderator, you are a typical media hack. You are going to silence me now? You are going to silence meee?”

The two men then commenced a righteous shoutfest. This segment was all about taxes, and Duke furiously described being “targeted by the government” for tax fraud. He branded Snell a “hypocrite” before tearing into the federal government, which Duke claims “hates me” for an unknown reason. Then he said the fraud charges were lies, all lies. He ends this clip (with another gloriously messy one below) by claiming that anyone who stands up for our rapidly declining country will end up targeted, “Just like Donald Trump.”

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