Debra Messing And Susan Sarandon Are Having Their Own Presidential Debate On Twitter

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03.30.16 9 Comments
Debra Messing Visits "FOX & Friends"

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On Tuesday, a ruckus erupted after ardent Bernie Sanders supporter Susan Sarandon visited with Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Sarandon spoke of her distrust for Hillary Clinton and why she believes Sanders tells the truth and will propel change. She also made some statements that some folks found confusing and interpreted as intent to vote for Donald Trump if Sanders lost the Democratic primary. In reality, Sarandon simply never committed to supporting Clinton. When questioned about what she’d do in a Sanders-free general election, she responded, “I don’t know, I’m going to see what happens.”

Mainly, Sarandon was pointing out how some folks criticize Clinton’s lack of authenticity and shady finances, along with her hawkish foreign policy. The Oscar winner clearly prefers Sanders and doesn’t want to express support for an alternative right now, but many outlets took her words for a begrudging Trump endorsement.

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