Do Hot Girls Get Better Treatment?

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10.21.10 5 Comments

Thanks to this wonderful world that we call the Internet, I can’t scroll through five pages of various web sites without asking, “Whoa, who is that girl?” The main reason for that is because I suffer from Blackout Phenomenon, so I’m often forgetting things. But it’s also because the Internet has become a vast wonderland of hot chicks who previously had no way of ever introducing themselves to the world. Take YouTube star Winter Pierzina, for instance.

Previously known by her user name WintrSprngSummrFall, Winter used to post videos on YouTube giving advice on how to essentially use her large breasts as a purse. She would document how she could hold items like her cell phone, keys, makeup, cash, etc. as a means of sharing helpful pointers with her fellow chesty ladies out there. Now, though, Winter is making news because she totaled her car when she was texting while driving. Sadly, her large breasts weren’t able to multi-task for her. California law requires a fine of $2,500 or jail time for this offense, so she is asking for donations via her web site, and she has already raised more than $560 for her cause. Somewhere the Jonas Brothers are shaking their adorable fists with rage.

Meanwhile, the European disabilities organization CAP48 has made an instant celebrity of 35-year old Belgian model Tanja Kiewitz, who posed in a sexy black bra to spread awareness for the group’s cause. Tanja’s disability is that she is missing her left hand, but her photo shoot promotes that instead of trying to disguise or hide it, and as a result CAP48 has raised more than 4 million Euros for their efforts. Tanja has also received calls from media outlets around the world for interviews, and I hope to soon feature her in my magazine, Drooling All Over Myself Weekly.

Finally, to ultimately answer this incredibly obvious question – yes. Women are indeed treated differently than men when it comes to attractiveness and nudity, regardless of their number of limbs. They may still receive fines and spend time in jail, but hot women will at least be held in higher regard for their efforts. For instance, nobody is putting up a fight to help defend Richard Stout, a 58-year old Lebanon, Ohio man who was recently arrested on his seventh count of indecent exposure. Rich was caught walking around a driving test facility in the buff, and he’s being held on a $5,000 bond. Of course he’d be at home vlogging about his slap on the wrist right now if he looked anything like Winter or Tanja.


  • Girl with large boobs calls on Internet to help avoid jail time. (The Smoking Jacket)
  • Handless model becomes Internet modeling sensation. (Daily Mail)
  • Naked old man interrupts Ohio driving test… for 7th indecency offense. (Dayton Daily News)



  • A 55-year old woman fell from her motor home when she stepped outside to use the bathroom. No witnesses were available to explain to her why it was moving on a highway when it happened. (NWF Daily News)
  • The Canadian Health Promotions Minister is looking to keep her country’s women in good shape by possibly banning the KFC Double Down Sandwich. Her opponents have called her overprotective, citing the country’s need for “FOOD! ME WANT HUNGRY FEED ME FOOD!” (CNews)



  • In the state of California, women can not only be charged with public indecency or indecent exposure – offenses that carry 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine – for sunbathing topless, but they can also be charged as sex offenders. Thank goodness. (Wise Geek)
  • As of June 2010, Playboy Magazine sales had dropped 34% from the previous year – from 2.45 million to 1.63 million – forcing the company to lay off a high number of employees and outsource other duties in order to reassure a return to normalcy for 2011. Dude, I’m doing my job, trust me. (NBC Chicago)


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