Does Nintendo Hate Your Children?

09.30.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

I still remember the Christmas morning that I got my first Gameboy, because it may have been the coolest present I ever got as a kid, aside from the GI Joe aircraft carrier. I took that Gameboy everywhere, had Tetris mastered by the bus ride of my third day back at school, and was well on my way to dominating another Mario Brothers game. And your kid could experience that same kind of joy this holiday season… just not with a Nintendo product.

The Japanese company has announced that it is letting millions of gamers down this year as the highly-anticipated Nintendo 3DS portable unit will not be ready for the holidays. Instead, the company will release the 3D handheld unit in the spring, and it’s not going to hurt them that much – it’s just a loss of $1.4 billion dollars. Seriously, instead of making a projected $2.4 billion on this holiday release, the company will only make $1 billion. Someone better get fired for this. Out of a canon. Into the sun.

Now the big question is – will Sony take advantage of this delay? And the answer you’ve all been waiting for is… maybe. Sony’s upcoming Playstation Portable 2 is reportedly in the game development phase and Sony is working hard for a huge lineup when the units are released to the public. A number of game developers are currently using the PSP2s to develop their popular titles. But with Nintendo’s announcement, the release plans are just as uncertain for Sony. In the meantime, I’ve got my fingers crossed that they consider my game proposal of “Burnsy’s Adventures with Free Stuff From Sony.”

Microsoft, on the other hand, is just getting plain old innovative with the Xbox and mobile gaming. Using the Windows Phone 7 platform, gamers will be able to synch their phones with their Xbox consoles so they can increase their gaming experience all together. Instead of just being able to play games on a mobile unit, they’ll be able to accomplish missions for bigger games they’re playing on their Xbox units at home. Imagine, video games mixed with sunlight. Endless possibilities!

Finally, some gamers are just stubborn and they refuse to believe that superior gaming can be mobile. Origin PC disagrees. The company has announced the release of its EON17 gaming laptop, and while the $2,499 price tag sounds pretty steep, I also know that 2TB of space and 24 GB of triple channel memory might be some of the sexiest numbers a gamer has ever heard.


  • Nintendo to lose $1.4 billion like it ain‘t no thang but a Kid Icarus wing. (ABC News)
  • Sony is loading the lineup of games for the launch of the PSP2. (Softpedia)
  • Windows Phone 7 to integrate with Xbox, blow your freaking mind. (Bloomberg)
  • Origin PC’s EON17 has brought desktop gaming to laptop convenience. (Tech Gadgets)



  • A judge in Livingston, Montana has taken away a man‘s Christmas experience for the next five years, after he was convicted of choking and hitting a woman. Instead of 10 years in prison, he has to report to jail every year from Dec. 15 through Jan. 1. Don’t drop the mistletoe. (Billings Gazette)
  • Even when the economy is down, the demand for gold remains steady. So a German company is introducing Florida and Nevada to a new idea – gold bar ATMs. Coincidentally, Florida and Nevada will introduce the German company to ATM robbery. (CNBC)



  • Gaming ain’t just for the macho men anymore, as 2 out of 5 gamers are female. Of those special ladies, 80% of them are using the Nintendo Wii, and 80% of all the ladies fall between the ages of 18 and 49. Only 9% are above the age of 50, which means my grandmother’s awesomeness at Halo is even more impressive. (Online Education)
  • As of 2007, more than 73% of children participating in youth sports in the U.S. had quit by age 13. Kids ages 6 through 11 have increased their weight 300% since 1982. More than 75% of kids do not get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day. Thank goodness for Wii Fit. (Morgan Hill Times)


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