A Don Lemon CNN Panel Featuring Corey Lewandowski Descends Into Shout-y Chaos, As Is Often The Case

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11.02.16 3 Comments

Don Lemon-led panels are generally the height of CNN excitement on any given evening, and Tuesday night’s stint was no exception. This panel included Corey Lewandowski, the ex-Trump campaign manager who still manages to be gathering “severance pay” (at least $500,000 so far) from his former employer while also being paid as a talking head. Unsurprisingly, Lewandowski has steadfastly remained in Trump’s corner for nearly every campaign twist. This session, involving his adoration of one poll that shows how great Trump’s doing with minorities, was no exception.

Lewandowski argued that Trump was doing so much better in Pennsylvania with minorities than either John McCain or Mitt Romney did. Naturally, liberal commentator Peter Beinart wasn’t about to let him get away with presenting one poll as evidence that Trump’s minority outreach is working fantastically: “Don’t give me this nonsense, okay?” The two then jumped into the mud before Beinart said what’s probably been on the tip of his tongue for awhile: “Corey, listen, I’m not getting paid by one of the candidates, okay?”

Throughout all of this chaos, the other panel members simply smiled while Lemon didn’t even try to suppress his amusement. Beinart certainly has a valid point, for Lewandowski was recently seen sneaking off Trump’s campaign plane. There’s no question that he’ll defend Trump to any degree, including what happened here.

If you had any doubt about how this crazy panel exchange left Lemon feeling, he later made this face before ending the evening. Watch below.

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