Donald Trump Reportedly Offered Chris Christie The VP Spot And Then Took It Away

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10.30.16 3 Comments

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Chris Christie has been serving as Donald Trump’s little campaign trail helper pretty much non-stop ever since he dropped out of the presidential race last Spring. Most people assumed that Christie was being so subservient so he could secure an offer from Trump either on the ticket or in his cabinet once elected. Then, when Trump decided to give the VP spot on his ticket to Mike Pence instead, everybody was surprised that it wasn’t Christie who also happens to be the governor of New Jersey. Now, a new report from The New York Post says that Christie was indeed supposed to be Trump’s vice presidential pick, but that Trump rescinded his offer to Christie after he made it.

According to sources, Christie essentially angled enough to secure an offer from him, but then Trump’s aides stepped in and engineered a switch from Christie to Pence. Trump apparently wanted Christie to be on his ticket with him but was talked out of it because of Pence’s broad Republican appeal and Christie’s ongoing controversies in New Jersey. Trump also had to bite the bullet and tell Christie the job wasn’t his himself, instead of sending an underling to do it. Who wouldn’t love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation?

(via The New York Post)

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