Donald Trump With A Cockney Accent Is Peak Donald Trump

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Another day, another Donald Trump parody. Whether it’s impersonations of Sarah Palin’s mushmouthed endorsement, thanks but no thanks lip sync battles, or updates to the Official Donald Trump Jam, Trump’s campaign events are always ripe for parody. Even when the Donald is bowing out of televised debates, he still finds time to dog other candidates while praising himself, a habit Seth Meyers nicknamed the #TrumpleBrag.

At a recent campaign event in Iowa — hence the Iowa flag in the background, which gave me awful grade school flashbacks — Trump trumplebragged his way through an explanation of why he’s the “best thing that ever happened to Bernie Sanders.” (We’re pretty sure Tumblr is the best thing that ever happened to Bernie Sanders, but okay.) Trump then went on to liken Sanders to a communist and talk about how easy it will be to beat Hillary Clinton. It was quite the braggadocious ramble, but one “that-guy” actor thought the video needed a little something extra.

Peter Serafinowicz is an actor you may know from Shaun of the Dead, from the Dalek relaxation tape, or from when he was calling the Guardians of the Galaxy a “bunch of assholes.” He’s also accomplished at voice acting and created this much-improved version of the video.

As he explains, “I gave Mr. Trump a tough guy cockney accent. No words were changed.”

It works eerily well. I want this version of Trump to explain the layer cake to me.

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