Donald Trump Reportedly Called His Wild Speech Gesticulations A Form Of Exercise On ‘Dr. Oz’

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09.14.16 5 Comments

Donald Trump’s appearance on The Dr. Oz Show won’t air until Thursday, but since the one-on-one interview taped earlier today, reports from audience members, various media outlets, and the campaign itself are already describing a rather interesting exchange. One that, despite previous statements to the contrary by Dr. Mehmet Oz and the Trump campaign, featured a surprise revelation and reading of the Republican nominee’s long awaited medical report. And guess what? He considers flapping his arms during campaign speeches to be a form of exercise.

According to CBS News reporter Sopan Den, an official announcement provided by Sony Pictures Television stated “Trump shared with Dr. Oz the results of his physical examination performed last week by Dr. Harold Bornstein.” Dr. Oz also put the presidential candidate “through a full review of systems,” including his “nervous system,” “hormone levels,” “gastrointestinal health” and many other factors. Whether or not Dr. Oz actually had Trump take a physical remains highly unlikely, so the thoroughness of this “review” is questionable.

Attendees willing to describe the experience have since come out in droves, and the scene they describe is largely uneventful. For example, per CNN, Trump stuck to his previous “get well soon” comments regarding Hillary Clinton’s health scare and repeated them during the taping. As for Dr. Oz’s “full review,” it consisted of the two discussing Trump’s health. Even negative aspects, like his desire to “lose about 15 pounds,” and his not exercising despite being “so good at golf he could join the PGA Tour.”

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