Trump Cancels His FBI Visit After Being Told He ‘Would Not Be Well-Received At Headquarters’

05.12.17 12 months ago

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In the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to fire James Comey as FBI director, a number of stories came out of different areas of the administration that suggested that Comey was not popular at the Bureau, unlike what Trump would like the U.S. to believe. Not helping the president’s perspective? Trump canceling a visit to FBI headquarters after being told “he would not be greeted warmly” if he dropped by.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders had said earlier that such a visit was going to take place within days, but it won’t be happening:

But that idea was dropped later Thursday, administration officials said, after the FBI told the White House the optics would not be good. FBI officials made clear that the president would not draw many smiles and cheers, having just unceremoniously sacked a very popular director.

And FBI agents said that, while many of them voted for Trump, after the president unceremoniously fired a very popular director, few were ready to meet him at the bureau with open arms.

A source who works at FBI headquarters told NBC News that, unlike the former director and the President, “most FBI employees feel a loyalty to Comey” and “like and respect him” (whether they disagree with his actions as director or not) before concluding “Trump would not be well-received at headquarters.”

Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that Trump would soon meet with acting FBI director Andrew McCabe to discuss the morale at the bureau. The planned visit was canceled by Thursday afternoon.

(via NBC News)

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