Donald Trump ‘Misses His Old Life’ And Thought Being President ‘Would Be Easier’

04.28.17 2 years ago 52 Comments

Melania isn’t the only adult in the Trump family who wishes they didn’t live in the White House, apparently. In a new interview with Reuters looking back at his First 100 Days in office, the President reveals that not only does he “miss his old life” before he entered public office but he also out and out thought that “being president would be easier” than he’s found it to be thus far.

In the interview, during which he apparently conversed about his feelings with a “wistful look in his eye,” Trump talked about missing smaller things like driving himself rather than having a chauffeur and his lack of privacy due to his 24/7 security detail that makes him feel like he’s in a “cocoon.” Larger problems though, such as his lack of awareness of how hard a job being the leader of the free world is, are touched upon as well.

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