Donald Trump’s First Campaign Ad Is Basically Just A Rundown Of His Greatest Hits

News & Culture Writer

Until now, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has enjoyed reminding us over and over again about how he doesn’t need to rely on donors, and that he hasn’t actually spent any money on his own campaign. In fact, the former Apprentice host has even been financially profiting off it, quietly. To start off the new year, however, Trump has released his first campaign ad, and it’s… just about what you’d expect.

Instead of giving supporters some new and exciting hateful rhetoric to get excited about, Trump here gives us more of the same: ban on Muslims blah blah blah, cut the head off ISIS blah blah blah, build a wall around Mexico blah blah blah — and his slogan, of course: “Make America Great Again.” In other words, if you were hoping he’d announce his plan for the first ever mandatory United States presidential slumber parties with the leader of Russia, you’ll just have to wait for the next campaign video.

(Via Deadline)

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