A Washington Post Editor Alleges That Donald Trump ‘Hit On’ Her After An Interview

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03.22.16 12 Comments
Donald Trump Visits Turnberry Golf Club

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Donald Trump’s life on the campaign trail remains busy, but he still manages to pack in several events per day. On Monday, he delivered a surprisingly calm speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Trump reaffirmed his support for Israel after previously claiming that he’s done more for Israel than any other presidential candidate.

If you’re worried about Trump simply focusing on issues, well, silly rabbit. He’s still been saying questionable things about women, which isn’t surprising, but nonetheless bizarre for a man who’s running for president. This latest round of lady-bashing is twofold. First, Trump kept his “obsession” with Megyn Kelly alive while visiting Wolf Blitzer for a pre-taped CNN interview. He asserted that Kelly owes him half her salary after he boosted her career into the stratosphere. Trump said Kelly is the obsessed party, and she has to discuss him, or her show will sink. Further, Trump also insulted Blitzer by saying that if Kelly didn’t cover him, “Her ratings would drop down far lower than yours.” The news anchor didn’t appear to be disturbed by the comment; he simply wore his usual Blitzed expression.

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