Who Wants To See A Painting Of Donald Trump Breastfeeding Jeb Bush?

Film/TV Editor
12.23.15 5 Comments

The holiday season just grew more bizarre with the arrival of this painting by comedian Onno Lolkema. The lovingly depicted image shows two GOP presidential candidates like you’ve never seen them before. A beatific looking Donald Trump holds a baby Jeb Bush on his lap. As you can see, Trump breastfeeds Bush while the Statue of Liberty looks on approvingly.

Neither candidate could possibly be happy about this painting. Considering how Bush rose from the dead to stand up to Trump during last week’s CNN GOP debate, their animosity towards one another has only grown. The implication here could be that Trump is carrying Bush along for the ride, but perhaps Bush is slowly draining Trump of his life force.

However, drawing too much meaning from a satirical painting could be dangerous. Lolkema created the work for entertainment purposes. Part of his motivation could be Trump’s distaste of breastfeeding (and other bodily functions), but we can’t take this painting too literally. Lolkema told Mashable about his process:

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