Jerry Springer Thinks Donald Trump Disrespects America With His Theatrical Ways

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The man who won our hearts with stripper smackdowns, KKK dudes starting brawls, and scandalous secrets about the love lives of tooth-deficient Styx fans has a message: Donald Trump is disrespecting the United States of America with his presidential run.

Jerry Springer, the ex-mayor of Cincinnati who’s been serving up TV of unapologetically bad taste with charm and a wink for decades, has already said that the battle for the GOP nomination was essentially a rip-off of his show. (He’s talking about The Jerry Springer Show, but Baggage could also be apt.) In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Springer wants you to know that he recognizes how Trump can be viewed as entertainment, but that should not be used as a measurement for White House credentials.

“For us, it’s entertainment right now, but good lord, this is serious,” Springer stresses. “Donald’s an entertainer … he has no knowledge or the temperament or the understanding of the decisions you have to make [to be president].”

Springer, who identifies as a Hillary Clinton supporter, understands why the public might be inclined to root for a candidate from outside the traditional government realm. But in the eyes of the 72-year-old media personality, Trump is approaching his run for office like it’s a TV show. A tactic that he considers to be the opposite of making America great again®.

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