Donald Trump Jr. Defends Himself On ‘Hannity,’ Says He Wishes He’d ‘Have Done Things A Little Differently’

07.12.17 10 months ago 30 Comments

Sean Hannity knew he’d have a bigger audience for his show on Tuesday night. On the heels of the revelations connected to Donald Trump Jr.’s emails and the coinciding story published by the New York Times, the Fox News host had the president’s son on the show to offer his side of the story and defend the entire mess. The results was an interview was catered to Trump’s every defense, played up scandals involving opponents and other government figures, and allowed Trump Jr. to play the victim of someone else’s plot — possibly the Democrats according to Hannity.

The interview didn’t cover any of the denials for the past year or how the meeting seems to have changed since the earliest reports. Instead, Trump Jr. claims he was just doing what anybody would do during the heat of a cutthroat campaign and the entire mess was just a big pile of nothing that left him flustered. Just a big silly misunderstanding that Hannity seemed willing to support.

The Fox News host was doing some heavy lifting before Trump Jr. even spoke his first words on the show. Not only did he address the members of the media in typical Hannity fashion during his opening monologue, criticizing the mainstream media — which he is apart of — for reporting only the stories he claims only support their side and unleashing attacks on the president and his family. This despite the actions of both Fox News and President Trump during the two terms of Barack Obama.

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