Donald Trump Allegedly Had The Secret Service Kick Black Students Out Of A Rally For No Apparent Reason

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03.01.16 13 Comments
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally At Valdosta State University In Georgia

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Monday was not a good day to attend a Donald Trump rally, although some may say it’s always a questionable day to do so. As we’ve seen over the months, Trump rallys are prone to contain both protesters and violence, and these are not mutually exclusive entities. They often go together, and things got really ugly on Monday when Trump’s Secret Service detail allegedly thew down a reporter in a chokehold at a Radford, Virginia, rally.

Only hours later, Trump held a separate rally at Valdosta State University in Georgia. Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines Register reports how the Secret Service booted a group of about 30 black students before the rally began. These students all attended the university and were simply hanging out in the venue’s bleachers when they were escorted from the premises.

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