This Lunging Bald Eagle Nearly Became The First Threat To Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid

News Editor
12.09.15 4 Comments

During Time‘s Person of the Year search, the magazine invited Donald Trump for a shoot with a patriotic theme. Trump’s co-star, Uncle Sam the eagle, did not approve of the experience. Now, bald eagles can be gentle creatures, which is what the internet recently observed when two Canadian brothers rescued one (and brought the universal selfie to its ultimate crescendo). Uncle Sam wasn’t feeling gentle during this shoot, though. At one point, Sam swooped at Trump’s head, and Time saw fit to release this gif as proof.

Alas, Trump was not rewarded with the coveted title of Person of the Year (which went to German Chancellor Angela Merkel), and he’s not happy. Our future president has already tweeted his displeasure by accusing Merkel of ruining Germany. This talk comes from a guy who isn’t insulted by Hitler comparisons.

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