Donald Trump Has Made A Nice Chunk Of Change From His Presidential Campaign

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12.29.15 9 Comments
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Richmond, VA

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Donald Trump‘s campaign still mystifies those who harbor no intention of voting for the billionaire. Throughout the past several months, we’ve not only seen mass chaos whipped up by Trump, but also some seemingly intentional moves by Trump to sabotage his own campaign.

What is the end game, and does Trump really want to be president?

A host of conspiracy theories aim to answer that question. Quora did some digging with a new spin, which reveals a potential financial agenda on Trump’s behalf. Of course, all of this speculation is relative. Trump could make much more money by returning to the private sector than by holding public office. Still, the notion is worth exploring, especially while reflecting upon a Trump quote from a 2000 issue of Fortune: “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

During this presidential bid, Trump has boasted about his self-funded campaign. He drags the other candidates for relying upon donations, but it turns out — according to Quora’s examination of Trump’s financial disclosure — that he no longer funds the entire shebang:

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