Donald Trump Tells Barbara Walters He Has No Regrets For His Proposed Muslim Ban

News Editor
12.08.15 4 Comments

Donald Trump must have contemplated the fallout of his anti-Muslim rhetoric, which solidified his stance against Muslim Syrian refugees being allowed into America. He formally called for a ban against Muslims entering America, and Republicans were so embarrassed that Paul Ryan denounced Trump in a closed-door meeting with fellow GOP members of Congress.

Although Trump claimed to have Muslim “friends” who thought his ban was a grand idea, no one was buying it. People were quick to compare him to Hitler, and Trump did not argue much. However, Trump did sit down for some “damage control” with Barbara Walters, which went about as well as you’d expect. Walters flat-out asked, “Are you a bigot?” Trump said no, and then he accused Republicans of disliking his ban plan because they’re jealous:

“I’m the worst thing that ever happened to ISIS. The people in my party fully understand that — they’re running against me. For the most part, they have no poll numbers. I’m leading by a lot. They get it. They’re trying to get publicity for themselves. You know when I came out against illegal immigration, everybody said the same thing. Two weeks later, everybody was on my side, including the members of my own party.”

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