Donald Trump Claims He’s Free From GOP ‘Shackles,’ Inspiring Visions Of Worldwide Chaos

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10.11.16 16 Comments

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On Monday, reports surfaced about a phone conference that Paul Ryan held with House GOP lawmakers. He apparently pulled his public support for Donald Trump and urged his fellow Republicans to do what was best for their reelection prospects. This follows months of animosity between Ryan and Trump, who’ve gone back and forth, alternately stepping over each other’s lines in the sand like defiant children. But Ryan finally had enough after witnessing footage showing extremely lewd comments about women. The House speaker declared that he was “sickened” and disinvited Trump from a joint weekend appearance.

Ryan’s current focus appears to be trying to maintain the House majority, and he’s understandably concerned about the Trump effect. That is to say, Ryan’s worried that voters will retaliate against Trump supporters, so not only could they lose the presidency, but also Congress. Of course, Ryan’s not bold enough to formally unendorse Trump, so he’s looking wishy washy.

Trump was, unsurprisingly, not impressed by these reports. He began Tuesday morning by trashing Ryan for his “disloyalty.” And he twisted the knife by declaring how Democrats have shown more overall loyalty.

Then Trump spun the situation to declare himself free of “the shackles,” so now he can fight for the American people in a total Trump manner.

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