Donald Trump: It Would Be Really ‘Sad’ To Lose The Election Because Of My Vile Comments About Women

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10.12.16 8 Comments

Life hasn’t been the same for Donald Trump since the Washington Post published 2005 footage of him making extremely lewd comments about women on a hot mic. His past 15 months of campaigning have seen countless scandals, but few of them have lasted more than a few days. And since that leak, Trump was largely holed up in Trump Tower until just prior to debate time. On Tuesday night, Donald Trump touched base with Bill O’Reilly for the first time since his most enduring embarrassment, and the two pals caught up on a number of Trump messes.

By the queued up point in the above clip, O’Reilly had already complained about Paul Ryan’s lack of support and how Trump claims not to care. But O’Reilly pointed towards poll numbers, which leave Trump trailing, especially with women after the footage leak. The host wanted to know how Trump planned to get these ladies back, to which Trump tiredly responded, “First of all, locker room talk. A lot of women come up to me and say, ‘I’ve heard that, and I’ve heard a lot worse than that.'” Trump feels like this won’t be a problem on November 8, but he admits, “If that’s what it takes to lose an election, that’s pretty sad.”

Well, Trump is correct. It would be not only sad, but strange if Trump loses the election based upon an old clip, as opposed to the many controversial viewpoints and actions he’s aired during his candidacy. Between his thoughts on Hispanics and Syrian refugees to his claims that he’ll save African-American voters from themselves, Trump’s offended a lot of people, including the time he mocked a disabled person. The leaked lewd commentary could be the breaking point, but it likely won’t decide the election.

But Trump tells O’Reilly how he can win back women — although he’s not convinced that he’s lost them, despite what the polls say — because he knows “what women want … we do the childcare program … secure borders, safety, law and order, a police department that’s allowed to do its job.” He’d also like to focus on ISIS, Supreme Court justices, and saving the Second Amendment. The relevant portion of the clip ends with Trump asking O’Reilly if he agrees that the press treats him unfairly, and O’Reilly levels with the GOP nominee: “In some cases you have, in some, you’ve been too sensitive.”

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