Donald Trump Slammed The Media For Applying A Crude Meaning To His Use Of ‘Schlonged’

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12.22.15 11 Comments
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas

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On Monday evening, Donald Trump‘s stand-up comedy tour presidential campaign took him to Grand Rapids, Michigan. While on the mic, Trump ranted about how “disgusting” it was that Hillary Clinton may have needed a bathroom break ahead of last weekend’s Democratic debate. Trump, who may not go to the bathroom, can’t stand the thought of a woman’s having a bodily function. He loves the word “disgusting,” and he thinks breastfeeding is pretty nasty too.

Trump moved on to dissing Clinton for losing to Barack Obama way back in 2008. He describes her defeat as being “schlonged.” The world collectively tittered at Trump’s use of the Yiddish word for “penis” (with Fox News taking pains to bleep the offending word). Team Clinton wasn’t thrilled. Campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri tweeted that Clinton wouldn’t dignify Trump with a response, but “everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should.”

Naturally, Trump took to Twitter to defend himself. He’s not entirely certain why people found the s-word to be “vulgar.”

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