People Are Schooling Donald Trump For A Twitter Rant Claiming ‘8 Dems’ Are Blocking His Obamacare Repeal

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07.18.17 8 Comments

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Another day, another crushing failure and humiliating defeat for the Trump administration. When it became clear Monday that the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act was dead in the water, the president took to Twitter late Monday night to insist — contradicting his previous promises to repeal and replace — that Republicans should just repeal altogether and figure something out at a later date TBD, adding that this will allow congress to “start from a clean slate,” and that “Dems will join in!”

However Tuesday morning, when it became clear that even a simple repeal would probably not fly with the Senate, an increasingly irate Trump returned to his platform of choice to blame the whole thing (yet again) on Democrats, along with a select “few Republicans.” Because clearly the President of the United States does not understand the difference between a monocracy and a democracy, and that he needs to work with both sides of the political aisle (including his own) to be able to get shit done.

It was Trump’s final tweet on the subject that people seemed to take the most umbrage with, though, because … just what the heck is he talking about, here? At 52 senators, they literally have the Senate majority. Also, that’s not how math works!

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