Donald Trump’s Campaign Is Allegedly Holding Him Back From Tweeting

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Donald Trump is a creature of Twitter, but he and his campaign are uncomfortable bedfellows, at best. And Twitter’s ability to let users share any thought in their head instantly combined with Trump’s increasing propensity for controversial statements is causing many to speculate his campaign has taken his account away from him.

We’ve previously broken out the data analysis that lets you figure out if a tweet is from Trump or a staffer, but the Atlantic decided to take that analysis a step further and see just how often Trump himself was tweeting. The results, assembled across six thousand tweets, are rather telling:

The staff takeover began in November, growing to around 50 percent of tweets before plateauing through the early primary months. So far in August, almost two-thirds of his tweets have been sent from an iPhone, suggesting a serious crackdown by the campaign staff.

It is, perhaps, not surprising that the campaign would be seizing the reins of what’s arguably Trump’s best friend and a PR team’s worst nightmare. Trump has spent most of the last two weeks getting in trouble, whether he offhandedly said “Second Amendment people” could stop Hillary, accepting a copy of a Purple Heart in a way that angered veterans, being forced to admit he’d never seen a video of a ransom payment to Iran he’d claimed repeatedly was real, and has even been called an unwitting pawn of Russian interests on a newspaper of record. All of the articles we link above are from the last five days. And that’s without his Twitter feed running riot, so perhaps the campaign is onto something.

(via The Atlantic)

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