Doug Jones’ Senate Victory Over Alleged Pedophile Roy Moore Overjoys Both Republicans And Democrats

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12.13.17 4 Comments

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Doug Jones overcame incredible odds to upset Roy Moore and become the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in deep red Alabama in decades. And while Roy Moore is refusing to concede the election, the odds of him even getting a recount are slim to none. This has set off a chain reaction across social media that has resulted in an increasingly-rare instance of Republicans and Democrats celebrating a shared win. Doug Jones started off his victory speech with “I don’t know what the hell to say,” but millions on Twitter had comments.

The typical Democrat power players reached out on Twitter with Hillary Clinton leading the way. To put this in perspective, Jones won the election with just under 60,000 votes less than what Clinton received in 2016, which is astonishing for a Senate race. People turned out for this in droves.

Even Meghan McCain got in on the digs at Steve Bannon and his chosen, alleged pedophile, disgraced judge that ignored the Constitution on multiple occasions:

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