A Second Earthquake With A Preliminary Magnitude Of 7.1 Hits Southern Japan, Tsunami Warnings Issued

04.15.16 3 years ago
Earthquake Kills Nine And Rescue Work Continues In Japan

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Almost 24 hours after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake rocked the Southern region of Japan, another, more powerful earthquake has struck the area. The first earthquake is responsible for the deaths of nine people.

At 1:25 a.m. Saturday morning, the second quake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.1, hit the Kumamoto region. Japan’s Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning for swells up to three feet in height along the coast of Kumamoto. NHK, a Japanese broadcasting station, says it’s received calls of people trapped in houses and buildings. Small swells have struck the coasts of Ariake and Yatsushiro, but so far, no damage has been reported by the waves.

The quake on Thursday was a weaker event than Saturday’s quake, but it is still responsible for 800 people being injured. The former quake shook and toppled buildings and homes. The epicenter of Saturday’s quake is a mere eight miles from the first quake, but it is reported to only have been at a depth of six miles, making it more shallow than the first event. Between the two quakes, at least 100 aftershocks were felt throughout the Southern region of Japan. Police have formed search parties and are currently sifting through rubble for people who may still be trapped inside downed buildings.

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