Shocking Footage Shows Ecuador’s Destructive Earthquake As The Death Toll Won’t Stop Rising

Entertainment Editor

Japan’s earthquake Saturday morning was followed-up by a devastating 7.8 magnitude quake thousands of miles away in Ecuador. Reports say the horrifying Ecuador earthquake had 135 aftershocks that have ravaged coastal cities, and have made rescues difficult. After initial reports stated dozens dead with hundred injured, the death toll has now risen to 238, with countless injured.

The absolute destruction of some towns have left authorities with an overwhelming task of finding and rescuing survivors without tools or equipment ahead of them. Gabriel Alcivar, mayor of Pedernales, reveals how his town of 40,000 people likely received the most focused damage:

“We’re trying to do the most we can, but there’s almost nothing we can do. This wasn’t just a house that collapsed. It was an entire town.”

Horrifying videos of the event as it happened are making their way to Twitter. This was the moment the earthquake began inside of a shopping center.

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