Britain’s Information Officer Told Facebook To ‘Stand Down’ From Taking Evidence From The Cambridge Analytica Offices

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Elizabeth Denham, Britain’s information commissioner, is beginning a wide-ranging probe into Cambridge Analytica which has come under supreme scrutiny for using the data of over 50 million Facebook users to sway elections in the United States and the United Kingdom. The fallout from The Guardian’s expose of one of the masterminds behind Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer’s use of “information warfare” has already lead to a near-five percent drop to Facebook’s stock, and a campaign to #DeleteFacebook has picked up steam overnight.

Now Facebook is trying to gather its own evidence into how this happened amidst multiple scandals that are branching off and coming back to point at serious misconduct and the horrifying influence Cambridge Analytica has over the population. According to various reports, Facebook sent their own investigators to Cambridge Analytica’s offices, only to be blocked off by British authorities before any evidence may have been compromised.

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