‘Facebook Killer’ Steve Stephens’ Was Captured After McDonald’s Employees Delayed His Order Of Fries

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04.18.17 15 Comments


Steven Stephens, the man dubbed the “Facebook Killer” after live streaming his random killing of 74-year-old Robert Godwin on Easter Sunday, shot and killed himself after a short chase from police in Erie, Pennsylvania. Despite efforts from various states, the FBI, the ATF and the U.S. Marshals, it was quick-thinking McDonald’s employees who recognized Stephens and delayed his order that finally ended the nationwide manhunt and set the police on his trail.

The New York Times spoke to Henry Sayers, the McDonald’s manager, who said Stephens bought a 20-piece order of McNuggets and a large order of fries at the drive-thru, was recognized by an employee, then was waved forward to complete his order. In that time, the various employees (who probably deserve the $50K reward money for information leading to his arrest) confirmed it was him, ID’d his car as the one all over the media then called the police.

Regarding the reward money, Pennsylvania said that call was up to the FBI:

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