Virginia Police Are Investigating A Triple Shooting Broadcast On Facebook Live

News Editor

Less than a week has passed since Philando Castile’s girlfriend livestreamed the aftermath of his shooting death by a Minnesota police officer. Now, another Facebook Live video has surfaced with a disturbing twist. Facebook user T.J. Williams broadcast live from Norfolk, Virginia. He streamed from a vehicle where he and two friends relaxed, listened to music, and smoked up. His footage runs for over an hour, but five minutes into the video, the sound of gunfire rings clear.

At that point, the camera becomes dislodged and a bloodied piece of clothing appears in the peripheral view. Eventually, a first responder can be heard in the audio background: “Stay with me, stay with me.” Another voice relates how the three occupants of the car were shot. If you’ve been on the internet for any duration of time, this description may not shock as much as raise flags. However, this situation looks very real. Hollywood Reporter spoke to the Norfolk Police Department, which snapped up the case and confirmed the video as part of an investigation:

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