A Factory Near Carrier Sends Jobs To Mexico, But Trump Just Tweets

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BY: Zaid Jilani 12.19.16

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Just a few miles away from the Carrier plant in Indianapolis where President-elect Donald Trump celebrated his role in stopping 730 jobs from moving to Mexico earlier this month, another corporation is shutting its factory and moving it to Mexico.

The move, which will send nearly 300 jobs south of the border, comes in direct defiance of Trump, who tweeted against it on December 2:

But after the tweet, not a peep.

Rexnord Corporation first announced in October that it would close the plant, which produces industrial mechanical goods, such as bearings. Local news outlets reported that the company was looking to save $15 million annually by relocating, although the company was hardly hurting — “it generated $24.6 million in profit during its fiscal second quarter, up from $22.6 million a year earlier.”

In fact, not only is Rexnord moving the jobs to Mexico and the plant scheduled to close by June, but as part of a severance package announced on Friday, current employees would be required to train the Mexican workers who will replace them.

Days after the Carrier deal was announced, Trump specifically vowed to end the practice of American workers being made to train their foreign replacements, saying that it was “demeaning” and promising that “we are not going to let it happen to our people anymore.”

Machinist Tim Mathis, who was informed about the package on Friday, has worked at the Rexnord plant for 12 years, and it was the second time he had been told his job would be shipped to another country. Previously, he worked at a nearby Indiana plant that closed down in 2004; 80 percent of those jobs were sent to Shanghai, China.

In an interview with The Intercept, Mathis described the humiliation of having to train his replacement.