A Florida Mom And Gun Enthusiast Got Shot In The Back By Her 4-Year Old Son

03.09.16 2 years ago 19 Comments

Jamie Gilt is a mother from Jacksonville, Florida. She is also a gun enthusiast who apparently ran a Facebook page called “Jamie Gilt For Gun Sense,” and posted a picture of her rose gold gun on Twitter.

Unfortunately for Gilt, her young son shot her in the back while they were driving in her car. CBS Chicago reports that a Putnam County Sheriff’s Office deputy drove past Gilt “behaving frantically,” while parked in the road. She told him that her four-year old son had accidentally shot her. They found a .45 caliber handgun on the floor of her pickup truck. Gilt is now in stable condition at the hospital.

Gilt’s Facebook page, which was linked in the CBS story, appears to have been taken down, but her Twitter is still up. Her profile picture includes her carrying a long gun in one hand, and a baby who appears to be her son in the other. People have been leaving tweets of schadenfreude under the picture she posted of the rose gold gun, like so:

Gilt may be a poster girl for gun control, but it still seems a bit much to openly gloat on her social media pages about her getting shot in the back.

(Via CBS Chicago)

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