A Florida Man Posted His Own Shocking Beach Police Chase On Facebook Live

07.22.17 10 months ago

Ryan Stiles, angry about a meeting with a public defender over a past criminal charge, decided to deal with it by driving his Jeep down a Florida beach, downing whiskey, and filming the whole thing on Facebook Live. It sounds like something out of a great American car chase movie like The Blues Brothers or maybe Baby Driver, but in reality it’s lucky no one was hurt or killed.

It all started when Stiles wasn’t offered probation for a previous charge of resisting arrest. He came home, ranted to his roommate, and told his girlfriend he was going to come over to her place. Apparently he decided the best route to take was down the beach toward Caladesi Island while swigging Canadian Mist and describing his journey to whichever viewers tuned in to his live stream on Facebook. “Crash parade, bro!” he cried as he mowed down some beach chairs.

911 calls were pouring in as Stiles went down Clearwater Beach with police cars in hot pursuit. Beach goers were alarmed, and one mother described dragging her child away from the path of the oncoming Jeep. “We’re lucky we were awake and alert,” she told the news. Fortunately, the whole incident ended after only nine minutes and police were able to arrest Stiles. Bystanders also captured a short clip of the chase from the water.

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