Florida’s Accused ‘Zombie Killer’ May Have Ingested Dangerous Chemicals Prior To Murders

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08.23.16 5 Comments

It’s now been a week since Florida State University student Austin Harrouff was arrested for allegedly killing John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon as they sat in their garage, and investigators are still trying to learn what may have set the 19-year-old off to murder two innocent strangers. Initial drug testing ruled out the presence of cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, and marijuana in Harrouff’s system. However, toxicology results will determine whether or not the teen may have been under the influence of flakka or bath salts.

In a strange new development, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder now says that it’s possible that Harrouff may have ingested dangerous chemicals at the scene of the murder.

“It’s a typical garage, so there were solvents,” he said. “There were things he could have consumed and that first night at the hospital, the hospital speculated based on what they were seeing in his body fluids, that perhaps he had ingested something caustic from the garage.”

“I think that will provide a big piece of the unknown is exactly what (was) in the blood of our suspect,” Snyder said.

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