Fort McMurray Wildfire: Images Show The Devastation From This Inferno

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The Fort McMurray disaster still burns bright in Alberta, Canada. The raging wildfire burned for most of last week, and as of Saturday, the fire caused all 80,000 Fort McMurray residents to evacuate. The dashcam videos of those fleeing the inferno are just harrowing. Many citizens have taken off to Calgary and Edmonton while firefighters continue to battle tirelessly against a blaze that could ultimately cost up to $7 billion.

On Sunday, the fire continued to burn after swallowing an area as large as Chicago. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley actually spoke to the Chicago Tribune and said, “In no way is this fire under control.” The fire could burn for months, which is not uncommon, but the vast scope of this disaster does not bode well for containment prospects. As of Sunday, the blaze contains 43 individual wildfires, and seven of them are considered “out of control.” Officials expect the inferno to increase twofold in size, as high wind gusts, low humidity, and temperatures in the 80s aren’t helping the situation. An expected cool front could help slow the fire’s advance, but it won’t be enough to extinguish the inferno.

This weekend, Getty photographers entered Fort McMurray to photograph the devastation wrought by nature. What they discovered was heartbreaking in many ways. Many neighborhoods have been reduced to crumbling structures with possessions rendered to piles of ashes.

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