Fox News Staffers Are Reportedly ‘Praying’ They Won’t Be Assigned To ‘Tyrant’ Laura Ingraham’s Show

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While cable news ratings battles grow more intense than ever, Fox News is betting that conservative radio host Laura Ingraham can make the jump to television and join the network’s chorus of pro-Trump news anchors. However, due to what the Daily Beast summarizes as Ingraham’s reputation for being “notoriously combative and difficult-to-work-with,” Fox News staffers are reportedly reluctant and even “dreading” the possibility of working with Ingraham. Via The Beast:

According to numerous sources, Ingraham has been, occasionally, a verbally abusive boss, who will not hesitate to scream at employees if something goes awry. Two former employees of her radio show recounted to The Daily Beast separate instances of Ingraham hurling objects at staff members in displeasure. Though Fox declined to address most specific examples of her conduct, the channel issued a blanket denial of such allegations.

Ingraham is only bringing a few staff members from her radio show along with her to Fox News, meaning that staffers are being re-assigned to work on her new show. According to one Fox News source who spoke with the Beast, people are “praying” they aren’t sent to work with Ingraham, who another source described as a “known tyrant.” One producer reportedly lamented Ingraham even joining the network. “The credibility gap worsens for all of our reporters and anchors trying to work at a real news organization,” the producer said.

As The Daily Beast notes, Ingraham previously hosted a show on Fox News where she was taped berating production staff while off-air. That show aired for three weeks. As for Ingraham’s reputation with her radio staff, one former staffer compared her to Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. “That’s what it’s like, except it’s The Devil Does Radio and there are no redeeming qualities with her.”

Several people who claim to have worked with Ingraham have denied the allegations to the Beast.

UPDATE – 4:20pm EST: A Fox News spokesperson has provided this statement regarding the Beast piece: “This is a transparent, predictable and sexist attack from a left-wing website run by a CNN political analyst whose mandate it is to troll FOX News for traffic purposes on a daily basis.”

(Via The Daily Beast)

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