Fox News Gives The Best Response To Donald Trump’s ‘Obsession’ With Megyn Kelly

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03.19.16 18 Comments
Donald Trump Hold Campaign Rally In Orlando, Florida

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Donald Trump’s preoccupation with Megyn Kelly has annoyed Fox News to the point where they’ve released a strong new statement against the GOP frontrunner. Part of the network’s latest motivation may be due to Trump pulling out of their Monday Republican debate, but it’s hardly the first time they been forced to defend their anchor. Trump conveniently has other speaking plans, but the more likely excuse is that he doesn’t want to answer Kelly’s tough questions. She’s one of the only cable news journalists who doesn’t lob softballs at Trump, but she presses everyone equally hard. Whereas neither Bill O’Reilly nor Jake Tapper let Trump get away with much either, but he only zeroes in on Kelly, probably because Trump doesn’t respect women. He especially doesn’t like a lady who puts him on the spot. Trump also thinks he’s beyond the need to debate, and well, maybe he’s right on that point. After all, he’s winning.

Of course, the American people have elevated Trump despite what he says about women, minorities, his rivals, and everyone who does not kiss Trump tush. As for Kelly, he’s made derogatory claims about her being on her period. He calls her “bimbo” and “average,” and he was livid when she revealed how he tried to romance her. His latest approach is to label her as “crazy”:

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