‘Full Frontal’ Attempts To Set Some More Practical Goals For Attendees At An Impeach Trump Rally

07.20.17 12 months ago 2 Comments

It’s pretty easy to pick up on foolish people at Trump rallies and alt-right protests. There’s no shortage of people wearing Roman centurion helmets, buying Make America Great Again caps, and carrying around a brain that believes every word that comes out of the president or his surrogate’s mouth. The opposition to this is usually painted in a better light during events like the Women’s March, the Tax Day protests, and the March For Science since Trump’s inauguration. That’s where bias comes into play, it’s undeniable. There are foolish people on both sides of the debate and Full Frontal meets a few while attending an Impeach Trump protest in Los Angeles.

There are a lot of people on the more liberal side of politics who truly believe that Trump should’ve been impeached by this point and driven out of office. They’re trying to wake up from a bad dream after the 2016 election and forget that government moves at a snail’s pace and is also under Republican control at the moment. But just like the many folks who want to say that Trump is changing the country after only his first 100 days in office, there are plenty of others who feel like he’s already the worst criminal to ever hold the office and should be shot off to the Phantom Zone.

The folks from Full Frontal ask a few of these people what they expect to happen and get the type of responses they get were reminiscent of those that you’d typically see on The Daily Show. Then they decide to act a bit, trying to lay out some more practical and attainable goals for folks to hope for in Trump’s time as president. Actually taking an interest in your local politics and voting seems to be more effective than waiting for a smoking gun to appear and shoot the president.

(Via Full Frontal)

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