George Clooney Threw Some Shade At Donald Trump In An Email To Hillary Clinton Supporters

03.21.16 2 years ago

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In an election where violence is becoming a common occurence, and this abomination of a “Stand By Me” cover went down, there is at least something that’s still right with this world. George Clooney is involved peripherally, and he does not like Donald Trump.

According to Page Six, Clooney is supporting Hillary Clinton, and sent out an email on her behalf, where he doesn’t mention Trump by name, but definitely alludes to his policy proposals.

See here:

“If you listen to the loudest voices out there today, you’d think we’re a country that hates Mexicans, hates Muslims, and thinks that committing war crimes is the best way to make America great again,” Clooney says. “The truth is that the only thing that would prevent America from being great would be to empower these voices.”

Clooney thinks that Clinton can be the one to help empower these voices. He calls her “a voice of tolerance and experience,” who fights for the little man, and has good foreign policy experience. Most hilariously, he calls her “the only grown up in the room.”

Once again, Clinton is benefiting from some powerful celebrity endorsements. Clooney is hosting a fundraiser for her at more than $30,000 a head in April.

(via Page Six)

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