George W. Bush’s Ballot Will Disappoint Both Trump And Clinton Supporters

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The 43rd President of the United States has elected to pass on determining who will be the 45th President of the United States.

George W. Bush, former president and current bad boy of the art world, saw his ballot become the subject of serious speculation over which candidate he’d back. Jeb Bush suffering an early KO helped said speculation along and Rush Limbaugh’s claim that the Bushes already voted for Hillary Clinton made things all the more puzzling. Bush family spokesperson Freddy Ford cleared the matter up today with an electronically mailed statement. George and Laura Bush didn’t vote for Clinton, but they also didn’t vote for Donald Trump either.

“President and Mrs. Bush voted ‘None of the Above’ for President and Republican down-ballot,” explained Ford in an email.

Boom! No surprise Jill Stein vote for George W. Bush. Apologies to all of you that had that gambling option as your retirement plan.

Trump responded to the lack of W love during his appearance on WRKO’s The Howie Carr Show. According to Donald, the non-vote won’t make a difference.

“I think it’s sad,” offered the White House hopeful. “I think it’s sad, you know. When I see George Bush do that, and look I was very critical of him for getting us into Iraq, which was obviously a horrible decision, and getting out the way Obama got us out was a horrible way to get out too — the combination. I don’t think it has any impact, frankly. I think it has no impact.”

Speaking of Bush’s vote, Rush Limbaugh (who Ford encouraged to apologize for his comments) has since issued a correction on his official website noting the mistake.

Correction: We’ve been told by President George W. Bush’s office that President Bush did not vote for Hillary Clinton as was reported on today’s show. He voted two weeks ago and did not vote for her.

We now return to our regularly scheduled election which is already in progress.

(Via CNN & Variety)

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