George Zimmerman’s Gun Auction Receives The Most Fitting Conclusion

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05.12.16 11 Comments

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On Wednesday night, George Zimmerman not-so-quietly announced that he would be auctioning the gun he used to fatally shoot Trayvon Martin in 2012. The former neighborhood watchman was cleared of second-degree murder charges after claiming self-defense, and he has since rubbed metaphorical salt in the wound. It wasn’t enough for Zimmerman to spend the past five years raging on Twitter and selling his Confederate flag art. He had to keep kicking Martin’s corpse with a hopeful gun sale. The auction news sent spectators over the edge with a fitting ending, but not before plenty of outrage flew in his direction.

First, here’s the latest cover of the New York Daily News, which reminds the world that Zimmerman is “a cancer to society”:

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