Geraldo Rivera Surprises With This Emotional Plea For Gun Control To Sean Hannity

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02.14.18 12 Comments

Geraldo Rivera let his emotions take over during his appearance on Hannity late on Wednesday. The Fox News contributor had already shown some strong opinions about the shooting in Florida earlier on Twitter, but his feelings alongside guests Larry Elder, David Clarke, and host Sean Hannity took a different direction than you’d normally expect from Fox News.

For Rivera, the problem isn’t mental health or the need to have armed guards at the school. For him it’s the AR-15 itself and its availability to the general public:

“How’d he get the gun? How’d he get the thousand-dollar gun? How’d he get all these magazines? Where are his parents? Where are his parents? Where was his family? Where were his friends, for goodness’ sake?

“It is just absolutely outrageous. Twenty-five of these school massacres since Columbine in 1999? When are we going to see that this is a national emergency?!”

For Rivera, he says that schools should be “at least as secure as airports,” before moving on to rail against the president’s proposed wall on the Mexican border:

“You want to spend $25 billion on a wall? What about spending $25 billion on making our schools secure from these savages, who all they want to do is inflict blood and mayhem?”

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